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Welcome to BJK Photos Online Shopping Experience

Select the event from the list below.   We process orders based upon event/school.  Please order for the event specific to your athlete.  You can order for multiple athletes if they are in the same event.  If you place an order in the wrong event it may not be processed properly. 

Pre-Pay events stay open for 1 week after picture day and offer the best product offerings and pricing.  Pre-orders are delivered to the school, or to your home if you selected the ship to home option, about 3 weeks after picture day.

2nd Chance events open 3 weeks after photography and requires a unique passcode that each child will receive when the portrait packets are delivered to the school.  Please note: prices & products are different in the 2nd chance store.

Don't see your event listed? This means the pre-pay event has expired but the 2nd Chance event has not opened yet.  Please check back later; remember 2nd chance events don't open until 3 weeks after picture day.